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About Me

Hey there! My name is Igor Antun, and I'm a fullstack developer and translator based in Brazil.

Starting playing with tech from very early on my childhood, my first contact with programming was at age 9, and have been passionate about it ever since. From the day I was first introduced to Adobe's ActionScript, I could not see myself doing anything other than coding.

I have experience with both front and backend development, database modeling, sysops and devops. More specific skills are listed below.

On my spare time, I like to contribute to open-source projects on GitHub, where I also have published some projects of my own, from web-based chat applications to desktop software.

I speak both Portuguese and English fluently, and I am currently learning Spanish and German.

As a translator, I have helped translate a handful of open projects from English to Portuguese.

Aside from the tech side, I'm also proud of having an extensive background volunteering for non-profit organizations and doing social work.

Frontend Development

HTML, EJS, Jade/Pug ★★★★★

CSS, Sass ★★★★★

Javascript, jQuery ★★★★★

React ★★★★

Next.js ★★★

Angular ★★★

Gulp, Grunt, Webpack ★★★

Backend Development

Node.JS ★★★★★

MongoDB ★★★★★

PostgreSQL ★★★

Redis ★★★

ElasticSearch ★★★

Neo4J ★★

C++ ★★

Python ★★★

Other Skills

Git ★★★★★

System Administration (Linux) ★★★

AWS, Google Cloud, DigitalOcean ★★★★

Trello, JIRA, Asana ★★★★

Electron, nw.js ★★★★

Google Analytics ★★★

Websockets ★★★★

Docker ★★★

Projects & Repositories

node-chat 316 stars & 128 forks

Express, EJS, Websockets and Material Design

A NodeJS powered chat application that supports emoji, links, and much more. It has powerful administrator utilities, such as promoting/demoting other users to different admin roles, muting, kicking and banning users.

node-slack-irc 14 stars & 4 forks

Node, Slack Integrations and IRC

A NodeJS bridge for integrating Slack and IRC channels by allowing messages to be sent from both sides and integrating them seamlessly.

unsplashify 8 stars & 4 forks

Electron, Public APIs and Material Design

A desktop app made with NodeJS and Electron that gets images from Unsplash and make them easily available for you to set as your desktop wallpaper.

deskplug 5 stars & 1 fork

Electron, plug.dj APIs and Websockets

Deskplug is a desktop client for plug.dj made with Electron and web technologies, that connects to plug.dj's API through websockets.

resume[outdated] 2 stars & 1 fork

HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript

An interactive page for my old résumé.

Work Experience

Pagar.me January 2018 - Present

Fullstack Developer


Pagar.me is a digital payment service provider company based in Brazil.


At Pagar.me, I am responsible for designing, developing, testing, deploying and maintaining scalable web services, with my team. Scalability and reliability are main concerns. We take care of a product from its conception to its deployment, including planning its infrastructure, continuously improving it through customer feedback, and monitoring its performance.


NodeJS, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, React, Docker, AWS

BudBuds.us November 2016 - January 2017

NodeJS Backend Developer


BudBuds.us is a registration and management platform of cultivation processes and consumer experiences that offer precise tools for growers and an intuitive interface for consumers to express and register their experiences with the product.


On BudBuds.us I was responsible for writing wikis and documentation for their current code base and development workflow, as well as working on their NodeJS backend API.


NodeJS, MongoDB

Homest February 2016 - August 2016

Freelance Fullstack Developer


Homest is a web application that helps people wanting to make a renovation on their houses by listing and aggregating materials, profissionals and products so they can easily and effectively plan it based on their budget.


At Homest, I was responsible for building responsive hotsites, mantaining and refactoring their main Angular web application and NodeJS + MongoDB backend API, while also translating their contents from Portuguese to English.


NodeJS, MongoDB, Gulp, EJS, AngularJS, SASS, AWS

Syligo September 2015 - October 2017

Freelance Fullstack Developer


Syligo is a web and mobile product studio that connects big ideas to the mobile world. Driven by the harmonization of ideas and technology, Syligo believes that every idea is a seed that deserves to be developed and connected to others.


I have worked with Syligo on multiple projects, ranging from responsive web applications and hotsites to backend APIs, refactoring restructuring and documenting them.


NodeJS, MongoDB, Gulp, EJS, AngularJS, SASS, AWS

Vitrineed February 2017 - January 2018

NodeJS Backend Developer


Vitrineed was an webapp where you could find the best clothing options in the market with the best prices. By indexing products from various e-commerces in a single, accessible place, users could make the best decision when buying clothing products.


On Vitrineed I was responsible for building an advanced scraping system to extract, structure and store product information from various e-commerces and an API to easily access and consume this data from the Frontend.


Python, NodeJS, RethinkDB, ElasticSearch, MongoDB, X-Ray

Languages & Translations

Portuguese Native Proficiency

English Bilingual Proficiency

Spanish Limited Working Proficiency

German Elementary Proficiency

Translations English to Portuguese

PopcornTime+ reviewer


plug.dj+ reviewer


Tomahawk Player

Butter Project+ reviewer



Interact Club September 2015 - January 2017

Local Club President - Rotary Sponsored Club

plug.dj April 2014 - October 2015

Brand Ambassador

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